The WCA host an event, “Connected Everything,” Hardware Security Attacks – 2021 today

Join us today September 2 at 1 pm. The Wireless Communications Alliance host an event, “Connected Everything,” Hardware Security Attacks – 2021. 

Moderator Tom Willey and Hugues Thiebeauld Ceo of eShard will demonstrate “side-channel” attacks and have a conversation about strategies to solve these problems.


Smart IoT usage is growing faster than ever, with market researchers predicting that 25.2 billion IoT devices will be connected by 2025. Devices will collect and share more data than ever before to support the success of IoT projects. One of the most critical parts of gaining trust is IoT security.

Sixty-two percent of companies see security concerns as a reason why smart device projects fail. This is a major roadblock for industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) attempts to progress beyond the proof-of-concept stage.

Risks to data privacy and cybersecurity can have severe reputational and financial ramifications.

About Hugues Thiebeauld and eShard:

Hugues previously worked at Oberthur in Switzerland and Underwriters Laboratory in the UK, where he built a strong expertise in secure product engineering. eShard products enable security professionals and experts to master their cyber connectivity challenges. eShard ensures that cyber security experts can manage the risk of any apps or devices that are connected to the internet.

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