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The Wireless Communications Alliance Presents:

May 26, 4:00-5:30 PT

IoT Application Series

Connected Wearables in an AR/VR World

A survey about Wicky Wacky Wearables

A Worldwide Webinar via Zoom

We would like to thank you for your interest in our Location Based Services event on May 6. In case you missed it the recordings, presentations and Q&A are now available on our web-page.

Wearables are no longer a fashion statement, but rather a productivity statement. From smart watches to smart glasses, there has been an increasing appetite to interact more with the “apparel” that we wear. Gartner forecasts global spending on wearable devices to total $81.5 Billion in 2021.*

In the age of IoT, smart wearables have become a tool to be worn at home/work/play, thanks to the advancements in wireless connectivity, sensors, and the digital transformation movement. Whether it is a medical or industrial application, wearables may soon become an essential tool for the connected worker.

In this WCA ‘IoT Application’ series, we will explore the technologies, design, and applications that make a smart wearable product essential in the workplace. One of the most talked about wearable has been the use of smart glasses in the Augmented and Virtual Reality field.

We’ll explore the differences and use cases between them, and the applications that are being put to use in today’s Industry 4.0 revolution.

Finally, for a bit of fun, our panelists will share their stories of some whacky wearables that may be coming to a store near you!


Walt Maclay – Voler Systems
Founder and President at Voler Systems (Strawberry Tree Inc), a consulting company.
Percy Stocker – TeamViewer
Growing our AR / IoT team in the Americas to deliver world class solutions to our customers.
Tom Harshbarger – Synnex Corporation
Tom leads the award-winning Microsoft business at SYNNEX Corporation, which encompasses software, services, and devices
Andy Do – Embedded Works/SensorWorks
Board Member at Wireless Communications Alliance

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Meeting ID: 840 3220 5010
Passcode: 815703

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